About the Program

The Master of Public Safety is a new, online program designed for working public safety professionals who want to improve their leadership skills.

The coursework focuses on developing tomorrow's public safety leaders and is designed to be relevant for professionals in many fields: law enforcement, private nonprofits, fire and rescue, community organizations, all levels of public service, and more.

Graduates will earn a degree from the University of Virginia, one of the nation’s top public universities, and finish the program with a deeper understanding of how to run complex organizations, negotiate and collaborate with peer agencies from the local level to the national, and build and nurture the community relationships that are vital for success.


Students will earn 30 credit hours by taking five core courses and five restricted electives. The core courses are offered throughout the year over five eight-week sessions. 

All core coursework is completely online and delivered asynchronously, meaning students have flexibility to access instruction and coursework on their own time in order to meet course deadlines and requirements. Instructors support students each step of the way as they build critical skills, and students will have the opportunity to participate in discussion labs and live group work.

Students who have successfully completed the FBI National Academy, FBI ELEVATE or UVA National Criminal Justice Command College may count recent graduate credits from those programs and could finish the Master of Public Safety in one year by taking one core course per session. 

The core courses are: 

  • Transformational Leadership in Changing Times
  • Constitutional Framework of Public Safety
  • Developing and Implementing Systems of Emergency Preparedness
  • Creating and Sustaining Community Dialogue 
  • Stewardship of Public Assets and Managing Human Capital 

For more information, fill out the form below or email mps@virginia.edu. Or apply now if you’re ready! 

Key Dates

April 1
Application deadline for Summer 2022

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